Little Tigers – 4 & 5 Years

Our little tigers program engages children in a appropriate activities, which introduces early socialising skills and physical activities. Little tigers also learn to develop listening skills, co-ordination, focus and respect in readiness for the future. Our little tigers program is a great foundation to the basics of karate.


Juniors – 6 & 12 Years

 Karate is an activity that will improve your children for everyday life, Karate helps with the development of many skills that students need, our programs are designed to make your child as bully proof as possible.


Teens and Adults – 13 and above

Teens and Adults can also enjoy the benefits of the most successful karate school in the South Eastern Suburbs. Our secret is making learning fun while delivering to students a sound understanding of karate to test their fitness and endurance, the classes are generated for the mature student which focus on self defence as a focal point while producing exceptional results. A popular and successful form of the Martial Arts (Karate) is being taught in the suburb of Berwick.

Sensei now urging students of all ages to come and try the sport in a safe, inviting atmosphere.

The benefits of Martial Arts lasts a LIFETIME!! so why not start NOW!

Family Class 

Our Family class is designed for parents wanting to train alongside with their sons/daughters and the convenience of the training being on Saturday class and to share with your child a common interest.